invisibobble® was born and changed the way people perceive hair accessories. With its famous spiral shape, it has made an end to uncomfortable hair ties. Not only in your hair but also on your wrist the invisibobble® makes a fashion statement. What began with an original spiral hair elastic has now become a global hair accessory brand.

Our main goal is to bring joy and positivity to everyone out there. With our HAIRLOVETECH™ we make sure that our accessories are hair loving in every aspect and support you in your everyday life. Because we know that you know that your hair deserves only the best!


We’re sure you’re familiar with Invisibobble! This industry-changing brand has made a huge impact on ponytails all over the world, and we couldn’t be happier to stock the incredible products right here at Salon Business Solutions. Whether you’re a salon owner wanting to offer a world-famous product to clients to take home or you want to stock up on bobbles for your personal kit, Invisibobble hair ties are the perfect choice.


The Invisibobble Brand

Invisibobble was created by Sophie Trelles-Tvede, who, at 18 while at university, was fed up with headaches and getting kinks in her hair after wearing bobbles for long periods of time. During a party, she unconventionally wore a telephone cord in place of a bobble and found that she didn’t have a headache, and when it was taken out, her hair was kink-free! Who would have thought that an old telephone wire would inspire one of the industry’s most famous hair ties? Since then, Invisibobble hair bobbles have wowed hairdressers, stylists, and the average ponytail-wearer alike and we are thrilled to be able to offer these products to our customers.


How to Use Invisibobble Hair Ties

One of the best things about Invisibobble is that it works just like any other hair tie. Simply brush your hair back into your desired style and use to keep it in place. From here, you can use your favourite finishing products as usual, and you’re good to go! They work for everyone, regardless of hair type, when your last wash was, or how you prefer to style your hair. The spirals are perfectly designed so they won’t tangle curls, and they keep straight sleek hair in place, too. Whether you’re going for a classic ponytail or opting for space buns, Invisibobble will keep your hair where you want it, and when it’s time to take it down, you can breathe easy, knowing you’ll be kink-free.


Invisibobble at SBS

At SBS, we’re proud to offer our customers a wide range of professional brands, including Invisibobble. Explore our online product offering, and order straight to your home or salon today. Don’t forget; you can sign up for Trade Registration to benefit from next-day delivery and fantastic payment plans, and you can stock up your salon with Invisibobble when it suits you.